Communion Liturgies

Year B, Advent 3

Based on common lectionary readings for Year B, Advent 3

Sacrament of Holy Communion


Welcome to Christ's table. Whatever your circumstances, Christ calls you here to be fed, healed, and blessed. This is a table of reconciliation, of joining, of peace.

This is an open communion. You need not be a member of this church, nor any other church to partake. Come and join your loving family, and be reconciled to one another at this sacred meal of forgiveness and grace.

Please join with me now in the responsive prayer found in your bulletin.

Sursum Corda

Celebrant: God is with you.
People: And also with you.
Celebrant: Let us lift up our hearts.
People: We lift them up to God.
Celebrant: Let us give God thanks and praise.
People: It is a good and joyful thing to give God thanks and praise.


As Isaiah and Mary did in their times, we give praise to You, God, for Your covenant with us. We have faith in Your promises to lift up the lowly, to comfort those who mourn, to heal the sick, to feed the hungry.

We marvel at the miracle of the birth of Jesus, the blessing to us through Mary, that we might be reconciled with You.

As did John the Baptist, we proclaim the coming of our Sovereign. We eagerly await the time when we will be joined with You.

We sing your praises with the joy and hope of those who have faith in the coming of Your dominion, joining with all those who love Your name.

Please join with me in singing the Sanctus as found on page ___ of your bulletin.


Holy, Holy, Holy God
The source of pow'r and might,
Heaven and Earth are full of Your glory,
Hosanna in the highest.


Gracious God, as we remember the days before the birth of Jesus, we remember how You chose Mary through whom we would all be blessed. We remember how Jesus was fully human and experienced life from our perspective. We praise You for Your wisdom, love, and generosity in the gift of Your Child, that we might enter into Your family.

And so, we gather here to celebrate these precious gifts, to refresh our relationship with Your family.

Words of Institution

We remember, when that Child had become an adult, He knew the sacrifice that was about to come. He knew about the betrayal, the denial, and the suffering. Yet through all that humanity could bring against Him, we have the promise of everlasting life. The night before this was to take place, Jesus gave us all a way to understand and remember this sacrifice.

Jesus took bread, gave thanks to God, blessed the bread, broke it, and shared it with all those present, saying: "Take this and eat it, all of you. This is my body, broken for you."

After the meal was finished, Jesus took a cup of the fruit of the vine, gave thanks to God, blessed it, and shared it with the loved ones there, saying: "Take this and drink from it, all of you. This is the cup of the new covenant in my blood, poured out for the forgiveness of sins, do this in memory of Me."

And so likewise we join with those we love, to be bound together in this meal of family, faith, and forgiveness.

Let us now proclaim the mystery of this gift, as we sing the Memorial Acclamation as found on page ___ of the bulletin.

Memorial Acclamation

Christ has died! Christ is risen! Christ will come again!


Precious God, we know all things can be done through You. You created our sister Mary in Your image so that we might be blessed through her. You gave Your child that we might be redeemed.

I pray that You would send the Holy Spirit down upon these people of Yours, that each of us would know how closely related we are to one another, to Mary, and to her Child Jesus. I pray that You would send the Holy Spirit down upon these gifts: the bread of the field and the fruit of the vine, that they would be transformed in our minds and hearts into the broken body and forgiving blood of Christ.


For it is through Christ,
With Christ,
In Christ,
In the unity of the Holy Spirit,
All glory and honor are Yours,
Almighty God,
Forever and ever,

Please join with me now in saying the prayer that Jesus taught us, addressing God in the manner which most perfectly resonates with your relationship to the Divine.


Our Creator, Who art in Heaven, hallowed be Thy name.
Thy dominion come, Thy will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread,
And forgive us our trespasses,
As we forgive those who trespass against us.
And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil,
For Thine is the dominion, and the power, and the glory forever and ever.


We are all children of God, and welcomed in God's dominion no matter what our earthly circumstances. Come alone, as a couple, or as a larger family to share in this meal of renewal and redemption. Come as the ushers direct, to the wine and bread on the pulpit side, or the juice and bread on the piano side. Come to this table in faith that your place in God's family will be renewed.

Please rise as you are able and join with me now in singing our Communion Hymn,
found on page ___ of your bulletin.

We will be singing ___________ verses.

Prayer of Thanksgiving

extemporaneous prayer

Please rise as you are able and join with me now in singing our Recessional Hymn,
found on page ___ of your bulletin.

We will be singing ___________ verses.